Please can you help me I don’t know where to turn

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Please can you help me I don’t know where to turn

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To Lara, I have read your book many times and articles online but I’m feeling really overwelmed in what to do or where to start. I’m 38 and have always had mood related symptoms during ovulation and my periods. My cycles are from 28-33 days. However since august I’ve been feeling so unwell. A few days before my period I have night swets. The day I come on my period I have extreme rage and extremly tearful and feel like the life’s just wiped out of me. It starts to eased after a couple of days and then once my estrogen starts to rise around day 7 when bleeding stops I become severely depressed with intense brain fog and extreme fatigue where I have to stay in bed and I cry a lot. I have also been experiencing breast tenderness as soon as my estrogen rises which lasts all month and I never had this before. During ovulation I dip again. I have also got this constant low mood and fatigue feeling very tearful and anxious. I’m not sure what’s going on as I always had bad symptoms on ovulation and my period but I would feel well in tween but it feels like I feel so unwell for weeks and I just don’t no what to do. I ran some day 3 bloods the other day but I’m not even sure what I’m looking for. It states I have low ferritin and vitamin d but I always do. My tsh has risen but isn’t high and my fsh is higher at 8 where it used to be at 3 several years ago. My lh was at 10 so slightly higher than fsh. I’m scared as I’ve got two teenagers and a 1 year old baby and I’m struggling to be a good mum and my moods are effecting my relationship in a big way. Please can you help? Thank you for your time
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Re: Please can you help me I don’t know where to turn

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Hi Beesteph,
While you wait for a reply - I just wanted to let you know how courageous you are for reaching out for help. You have done the hard part, and although times are tough you will feel “normal” again.
You are a great mum, that’s why you are here on this forum, reading books and getting tests done.
Stay strong.
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