PMDD and sensitivity to changes in estrogen

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PMDD and sensitivity to changes in estrogen

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Hi there,

After using the Hormonology app, I've noticed my PMDD seems to be linked to a hypersensitivity with changes in estrogen (both rising and dropping). I noticed the blog posts speak more so to progesterone, which is why I'd like to share my perspective wrt estrogen.

Below I'll focus on my most hated symptom - hormone-related anxiety (although hormone-related insomnia happens at the same time and with similar intensity).

Just before ovulation = body is anxious for no reason, but manageable once I know what's going on
Day of ovulation (or next day) = estrogen starts to drop, anxiety and bad mood start kicking up and getting much worse until estrogen & progesterone go back up up
2nd estrogen drop & progesterone drop = debilitating anxiety, I'm not sleeping, I need assistance just to get simple tasks done

Does anyone else notice this?


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