Endometriosis. Regular IUD Expulsion

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Endometriosis. Regular IUD Expulsion

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I am 35y and I was diagnosed with endometriosis 12y ago. I got an operation, followed by a second one. They inserted Mirena, wich my body expelled and after inserting it again, it was expelled again within two weeks. After getting Depot Provera for half a year I started visanne and later got another Mireana, that finally stayed. I was ok for 7 years with cerazette an Mirena. Only mirena was not enough.

After taking out and putting a new Mirena after 7years, it expelled again after 6 months, followed by several months of heavy bleeding,stopped only with tranexamic acid.

I tried marvelon, felt very depressed. I got another mirena, expelled again after 4 months. Again bleeding, stopped with primolut.

Now I'm on Yasmin since view months...

Reading your book, the Mirena would be the best. But I'm tiered of the failors.

Would it be an option to try Liletta or another IUD?

Are there other options but Yasmin?
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Re: Endometriosis. Regular IUD Expulsion

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Liletta could be a good option. It's very similar to Mirena but it's a smaller frame so your body might tolerate it better.
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