HA and snacking

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HA and snacking

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I had an eating disorder as a teenager and then following giving birth to multiples in my 20s. i have not had a period in the eight years since their birth. i have in the last year gained weight and am at a healthy weight. I have been reducing my exercise. i am confused with the guidance in the period repair manual. if i aim for 2500 calories and 200g carbs, does this mean just three meals and no snacks? it seems contrary to the advice to not let your body go hungry. or should you just make sure each meal is about 800 calories? also, if you are exercising, do you need to eat before and after so your body doenst go into deficit?
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Re: HA and snacking

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Hi Meagan, have you had any luck in recovering your periods? If you see my comment, please reply if you can.

Thank you.

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