Post-Pill Acne

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Post-Pill Acne

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Hi Lara, my name is Sarah. A friend bought your book for me when I told her I was thinking about quitting the pill (I’m a nursing student and had begun to clue into how unnatural it seemed) after having it prescribed at 16 for acne. I am so glad she did! The knowledge I have gained from this book is so powerful.

Regarding post-pill acne. You mention that “pills like Yasmin can cause a post-pill type of acne that worsens for six months before it starts to get better.” What is this referring to? I know Yasmin contains drospirenone. Is this the factor that makes a difference? (I remember reading about it regarding hair loss.)

I quit my pill at the end of March. Volnea. Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol. I’m sure hoping that I’m not destined for it to continually get worse for another few months. But either way, I’m really curious about the reasoning!
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Re: Post-Pill Acne

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Yes, coming off an anti-androgen drug such as drospirenone can cause a temporary androgen surge and post-pill acne. I'm about to do a new podcast/YouTube video on this topic so stay tuned.
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