Turmeric and Endometrioma

A discussion area for endometriosis. Please start by reviewing my podcast/Youtube video Endometriosis is a disease of immune dysfunction. And Chapter 9 of Period Repair Manual.
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Turmeric and Endometrioma

Post by Filipabernardo »

Hello, i am from portugal and love the Lara's Books.

I have endometriosis and a 4 cm endometriosis cyst (endometrioma). I am following the steps in the book Perior Repair Manual. Can I use turmeric with the cyst? I am using also Zinc and an anti-inflamatory diet.

Thank you very much.
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Re: Turmeric and Endometrioma

Post by Lara »

In general, turmeric can be helpful for endometriomas, yes. Please see my new endometriosis YouTube video.
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Re: Turmeric and Endometrioma

Post by Zara85 »

Last year I struggled with 2 large endometriomas, I adopted an anti inflammatory diet and my next scan in November showed they had both cleared. Over the summer I relaxed in my eating and a follow up scan in January showed I had another large 5cm endometrioma on my right ovary. I immediately got back on track with my anti inflammatory diet and the following scan in March showed it had gone. I'm waiting for surgery for endo but my pain is SO much better when I eat well. Hope this helps you in some way. Fresh turmeric and ginger in hot water is great too x
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