Endometriosis post surgery

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Endometriosis post surgery

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Hi, I had a hysterectomy in Dec last year and was found to have stage 4 deep infiltrating endo and adenomyosis. Endo was found in ovary, uterus and bowel/rectum. The surgeon said he removed all ovarian endo and 95% of lesion from my rectum. I am eating DF and GF to avoid flare up of remaining lesion, and I am symptom free - am I still considered to have endometriosis? I don't really know how to talk about it - I'm endo free, I had endo or I have symptom free endo...seems trivial but would be really good to know. Do we ever get rid of endo as such?
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Re: Endometriosis post surgery

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Good question. Technically, there is no "cure" for endo, but achieving symptom-free is pretty close to not having endo anymore. Several of my patients talk about how "they used to have endometriosis."
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