Sick every month before and during period

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Sick every month before and during period

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Does anyone else have this? Both my daughter and I are really sick before our periods (even when we don't actually have a period). This is to the point where we feel like we have the flu or covid - bad headaches, stomach issues most times, achy, really tired, I usually vomit when brushing my teeth but she doesn't have that. Is this hormonal? Our doctor always dismisses it as period flu. We are working on getting new doctors. She is almost 20 and I am 50 so we are in vastly different life stages, but have similar symptoms around our cycles - even before perimenopause and before her PCOS diagnosis (which I am having re-evaluated because they diagnosed her at 13 based solely on an ultrasound with polycystic ovaries and excess facial hair, but they have never tested her androgen levels)

Thank you for any advice, help, info anyone can give.

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