Period pain - what else can I try?

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Period pain - what else can I try?

Post by Amy »

Hi Lara,

I read your book a few years ago and loved it. I felt happy that it seemed that there were things that I could change that would improve the health of my period, making the pain more manageable. But I’m still struggling, every period I’m out of action for around 3 days due to the pain. I also really weak and delicate, especially on the first few days.

I’ve tried taking magnesium. I have a multivitimin which has 300mg although it doesn’t say which kind. Should I change to magnesium glycinate?

I also have zinc and omega 3 supplements.

I’ve changed my milk to A2 diary which I pay a premium for. I’ve been on this milk for a few years now, I have this with my all bran each morning. I do eat cheese daily. I’ve never had childhood recurrent infections so I don’t think I’m sensitive to diary.

I’ve cut my salt and sugar down in my diet quite a lot and I notice that when I have more my period pain is a lot worse. So I especially try to not have salt or sugar for the week leading upto my period.

I’ve started having more nuts and kefir to try to keep my gut healthy. I’ve stopped having white bread and have wholegrain instead.

I go for walks every day and do gardening.

What else can I try to reduce my period pain?

I do also get PMS symptoms - like being emotional and for the first time this cycle I had breast pain.

I’ve just turned 40. It’s worth noting that my Mum has also has also suffered from bad period pain all her life as well.

I try not to have paracetamol but when it gets really bad I do have it. Will paracetamol make it worse for me in the long term?

I also eat plenty of fruit and Vege and don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: Period pain - what else can I try?

Post by Lara »

what does your doctor say? Has there been any mention of endometriosis or adenomyosis?
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Re: Period pain - what else can I try?

Post by mkimberly »

Apart from taking magnesium or multivitamins, one can also opt for a smaller dose of painkiller, which can ease off the pain. I was suggested to take a medicine called Soma Pill which, to be honest, helped me to cope with the pain.
I'll leave a link to this medicine, so the one's needing it can give it a thorough look before buying it
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