Ongoing Bleeding

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Ongoing Bleeding

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Hello, I am 43. Last year I bled continually for 6 months. I find it difficult engaging and trusting in the medical profession. I found a gentle liver detox, cut out gluten, dairy and eggs. Yet, going through that process highlighted how I have never managed to really feed myself properly. Childhood trauma stuff left me on high alert, survival, hyper-activity and exhaustion. I have been working on this for a long time and getting slowly deeper into patterns that let me rest and find balance, track and honour my cycle. But it's clear just how far away from this I have been. The bleeding stopped last year and I was moving towards more normal periods but it has started again recently, now 22 days. I could really do with some support and knowledge for how to engage with doctors, what tests to be asking for, so that I can get a clearer picture and make informed choices for next steps in how to approach and treat this. I wonder if ongoing bleeding like this could be a topic for a podcast? I have heard of a number of women in local circles experiencing similar. Thank you for reading. Emma
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Re: Ongoing Bleeding

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Hi Emma,
Yes, Please see my podcast episode Natural treatment of heavy periods.
Also, my perimenopause book Hormone Repair Manual. Many women find their 40s are a time when they need to report to progesterone (eg. Prometrium)
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