PMDD/severe pain autistic teen

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PMDD/severe pain autistic teen

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My 15yo is autistic and very pain sensitive. She's been having her period since 11, and in the past year gets it about once every 45 days. She rates the pain as 9/10. She's been asking for a while to go on the pill to stop her periods. She often gets really depressed and sometimes suicidal for a few days before her period starts.

A few months ago, armed with the Period Repair Manual we saw a naturopath (who also loves the book) and she recommended several of the supplements in the books - Iron, Vitamin D, Trifactor (magnesium and B6). Unfortunately, she quickly became overwhelmed with tablets (she's also on an anti-depressant), so she stopped taking them.

I wanted her to try the supplements and other things in the book before we tried something like the pill but she's really pushing for it. I found a couple of places that make your own blend of vitamins like and which I might try.

But, if she keeps pushing for the pill, from my reading of the book would Mirena be the best option?

Any other suggestions? I really would like to try the compounded supplements for a few months but if she's not willing then I'm hoping for the least harmful contraception option until she's old enough to try supplements/etc more seriously.
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Re: PMDD/severe pain autistic teen

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Mirena could be a good option, but you'll probably need to talk to her doctor about sedation options for insertion.

Also, to keep it really simple, my step one for teenage period pain is usually a dairy-free diet plus 30 mg of zinc. It's easier than trying to take several supplements at once. If it's going to work, it should do so within a couple of cycles.
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