Hypothalamic Amenorrhea following surgery/injections

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Hypothalamic Amenorrhea following surgery/injections

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has anyone found that their period has stopped after having steroid (cortisone) injections? I have had 5 in the last 2 years, and two major surgeries (hip problems). GP and surgeon are dismissive of the idea that a steroid injection can interfere with your cycle, saying there is no evidence of such a side effect. Yet interestingly every time I have been to hospital for these procedures, all the nurses have said to me it absolutely does, they have head this from other patients. This always comes up when they ask you before you go into the procedure when was your last period! I wonder if I have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, as per p. 202 of this book. If anyone else has experienced this, how long did it take for your cycle to return? Thanks for your help :)
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Re: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea following surgery/injections

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get well soon.
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