A discussion area for endometriosis. Please start by reviewing my podcast/Youtube video Endometriosis is a disease of immune dysfunction. And Chapter 9 of Period Repair Manual.
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Post by sophiegleitzman »

Hi Lara

Ep 4 of your podcast was brilliant and I wonder if you would consider doing an episode on Adenomyosis specifically?
Have you come across any new info/perspectives from your recent deep dive and text book reading?

I wasn’t able to post in the request a podcast section :)

Thanks x
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Re: Adenomyosis

Post by Lara »

Hi Sophie,

A lot of the same treatments work for adeno but there needs to usually also be progesterone. We can chat more about it tomorrow.
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Re: Adenomyosis

Post by Zara85 »

Hi Lara, I listen to all your podcasts by searching your name in Spotify. Your advice around Endo and Adenmyosis have been hugely helpful to me. How can we book a consult with you? I am in Wellington.
Thank you
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